Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh Puleeze!

Not that it'll draw much sympathy from anyone but Man U got hosed with a verrrry questionable red card in yesterday's match with Real Madrid. The ref called Nani for a 'studs up' challenge which he decided was intentionally dangerous. Bullshit. It was pretty obvious that Nani had no intention of hitting anything except the ball. I don't think his eyes ever left the ball. All this shouldn't have been a surprise, though. There was an interesting column in the Daily Mail Online published before the match which profiled this 'trigger happy' Turkish ref.

Even Real's coach Jose Mourinho said "I doubt that 11 against 11 we can win that match" and "'I try to be honest and in my honest opinion the best team lost." But it was what it was and RM came from a goal down to score twice to a now shorthanded MU squad and gain a 2-1 win.

But life goes on. Here are a few more of my soccer/futbal/football Manchester United set from Panini.

Edwin van der Sar.... the Dutch goalie who is considered one of the best in history. Now retired from active play I was lucky to see him in action in Houston against the MLS All Stars in 2010.

Nemanja Vidic... the Man U Captain.

Rio Ferdinand...English player who has been with MU since 2002 I think.