Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hoyle's Spoils

I'm way behind in posting stuff, particularly the cards that I've received from you guys so I better get to work. Mark Hoyle hit me up with Orioles from this year's Heritage set. I buy a few packs of new card issues and have terrible luck when it comes to scoring Orioles. I really like the set this year so I'm glad to have these and as an added bonus the Joseph, Gausman and Trumbo cards fill holes in my fantasy baseball binder for this year.

I was in Baltimore for Gerardo Parra's Oriole debut last July. I was hoping he'd return but this Joey Rickart kid had done well so far filling an outfield spot and he adds some speed to the turtle-like Orioles so that's a plus.

Mark knows me well and knows how much I love postcards and team issued paper items. This David Segui postcard is done in a style I have never seen before. My first thought was that it was something Segui had done to answer autograph requests. But the text on the back has me thinking that it is actually a team produced card. I'd guess that it is something that was included in 'fan packs', the stuffed envelopes teams send when you wrote and asked for schedules and stuff.

Either way it's a nice addition to my Orioles postcard collection.

Side note: I'm assuming that this is an item from Segui's first go-round with the Orioles in the early nineties. The Orioles had black brims on caps and helmets then. And I'm also guessing that the opponent is Cleveland. I think they were the only team with those awful sleeve stripes in that era. Dressed To The Nines seems to back me up on that.

Thanks again, Mark. Much appreciated as always.


  1. You nailed it on the Segui. My son wrote to every team at one point. ThE Orioles sent the card along,

  2. I think that's a Mets road uniform of the style they wore from 1983 through 1992. Why David Segui would be batting against the Mets I can't say. Maybe it's a Spring Training game? Or a preseason exhibition?

    I think I've got a couple of those "Thank you for taking an interest in the team" cards somewhere... I should dig them up.

    1. The Mets were my original choice as the opponent because I thought the stripes looked more orange than red but those days were pre-interleague play so I figured it might be the Indians. But looking at the photo it sure doesn't appear to be either OPACY or Memorial Stadium so an exhibition game against the Mets is likely. The Orioles were all over the Florida map in the early 90s so anyone's guess is as good as mine.