Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1958 Stan Musial All Star

Sometimes you buy something on eBay and it turns out to be even better than you thought it would be. I like the '58 All Star cards and I've poked around looking for a Mantle and a Musial for quite awhile. The Musials have been pretty reasonable but I didn't want one that was too beat up. Last week I looked and saw this one for less than I had intended to spend and the card looked OK in his scan.

When it showed up I was very pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. It's a bit off center and has just the faintest of a surface crease (you have to hold it at an angle to see it) but the corners are really good and the color is great. My scan doesn't do it anymore justice than the eBay dealer's did.

I have a long time college friend who is a Cardinal fan, Stan Musial is his favorite. I heard so much about him that I developed a fondness for the guy. It's hard not to. I bet you can't find someone who lived that era of baseball who has a bad thing to say about Stan The Man.