Wednesday, May 24, 2017

First of the Dollar Tree packs

Trips to a couple of different Dollar Tree stores yielded a total of six of their '30 Cards for $1' repacks. I'm not going to post every card and I'm sure not going to cram all 6 packs into one post.

I'll do a couple at a time and I only scanned the cards that interested me. That varied wildly from pack to pack. This first pack brought me two shiny cards of current big leaguers. Up top you see Ryan Braun and Corey Kluber. Right off the bat I had two cards that I could use in my fantasy baseball binder. Both guys had cards there already but I value variety and these chrome-ish cards easily boot Braun's Topps base card from a couple of years ago and Kluber's '17 Heritage.

Roy Oswalt and his rather awkward follow through grace this Fleer card. I scanned the Pacific card of  Roberto Hernandez simply because it's an attractive card.

It;s the Crime Dog and Kirby Puckett. I think each pack I opened had at least one 1990 Donruss.

Josh Hamilton in his pre-tattoo days on a '01 Stadium Club. Fuji's pal Jose Canseco on a Donruss Gland Slammers which I take to be some sort of oddball. A boxed set maybe?

Lee Smith and Chili Davis because Lee Smith was a bad ass and 'Chili' may be the best first name ever printed on a baseball card.

Carlos Delgado hit almost 500 homers in the bigs during a career I missed almost completely. I wasn't watching baseball from '96 through about 2010. Until I flipped over this card you could have told me he had 8 career homers and I'd have believed you.

I appreciate the art of photographing baseball team pics. And I love the traditional team card. But this one with the Angels behind a cloth covered railing or whatever the hell that is is just stupid.

Chris Bosio pitched a no-hitter in 1993 and is currently the Cubs' pitching coach. He got into hot water with his comments about Eric Thames in April.

I like this Donruss Gabe Kapler card. Never seen this design before.

I think I got a minor leaguer or two in each pack. I remember when Star was pumping out minor league sets like Pez.

Upper Deck makes an appearance, as does Frank White.

This Stadium Club card of Kerry Wood is the only card I came across that could be labeled as having a defect. It's impossible to see in the scan but the shiny coating is dulled on about the right 2/3 of this one.

For the curious here is the 'header' card that comes in each sealed cello pack. I'd never heard of PressTine before. .

Oddly Dollar Tree also has the 5 for $1 repacks available. Go figure. And...and this will whet your appetite for a Dollar Tree run...they sell ONE DOLLAR STEAKS!!!! Check it out:

The stores I visited didn't have this banner but both had window posters advertising the $1 ribeyes. I was too shy to snap a photo but I found this picture online. I likewise couldn't find a frozen foods section in either store and there was no way I was going to ask about the steaks. Luckily for all of us a gutsy reporter in Buffalo threw himself on the sword and actually tried one. His funny report can be found here.

Now, on to the 2nd pack...

For this pack I just took the top 12 cards and scanned them in pairs. here are Jack 'Best Pitcher Not In The Hall' Morris and Ian Kennedy. I scanned Kennedy because his card will go into my FBB binder.

Adam Everett and medical miracle Tommy John. I'm curious...what did they call the procedure he had before he had it?

Dusty Baker and Roberto Alomar. Probably the best cards in the pack. We need more cards of managers pointing, don't we? And the Alomar card is really, really nice looking.

I dunno what this NL East Origins card is, I forgot to look at the back when I scanned it. The Matt Lawton card is just here because I like this Fleer design.

I still mix up Jack and Will Clark.

Darren Daulton and another young, tat-free Josh Hamilton. Daulton wrote a book a decade ago. Here is the Amazon description:

“If They Only Knew” is about the interesting world of the metaphysical and the author’s beliefs and personal experiences with it. Daulton delves into issues of ascension, such as dimensions and levels of consciousness, the Mayan Calendar and December 21, 2012, creating one's own reality and a lot more. The book's message is clear - Open your mind to new ideas and know that there is more to our life than only what we can see, feel and touch!
Well alrighty then!

There they are, the first two $1 card pack and a steak buying tip. Would I recommend the card packs? Yes!! Despite no Orioles I thought the packs were well worth a buck if only for the rip action.

Would I recommend the steaks? Hell NO!!


  1. I'll have to check mine to see if they have these. They've had them in the past, but most recently had those 5 cards for $1 one. Not worth it.

  2. I am glad they bumped from 20 cards to 30 cards.

    1. Didn't know they were ever 20 card packs. I always saw the five card ones.

    2. My first thought on this was "wow, 30 cards. I've only seen 20"

      30 might be enough to make me give them a second look since my Five Below hasn't had the 100 card/4 unopened packs repacks lately.

    3. Five Below has cards?!?! I just saw the one they opened near my Target. I don't think I'd ever heard of them before. Gonna check them this weekend.

    4. They usually have the 17-card factory team set for the local team and sometimes they will have repacks. It might have been the offseason when I looked last and there was nothing.

    5. Different supplier. I've seen both at the same store at times.

  3. Dang - I was in Dollar Tree a couple days ago and didn't even think about looking for cards!
    BTW: I was in there on a tip for finding cheapo iphone charging cords. Yup! I grabbed a couple and they work.

    1. I always look for sunglasses because I lose/break mine as fast as I buy them.

  4. I would gladly take that Star Misuruca off your hands. I need him for my all-time Brewers set and I don't think he has any MLB cards.

    1. He's yours...but don't look for him in the package I was just standing in line to send you when I read this!!

      LOL..I kid you not.

      He'll come along in a seperate PWE.

  5. Great, thanks! I just looked him up. He threw 10 innings in the big leagues and gave up five homers. No wonder he never had an MLB card.

  6. The best pitcher not in the Hall is Roger Clemens.

    The best pitcher not in the Hall that you scanned here is Tommy John.

    Also better than Jack Morris: Luis Tiant, Mike Mussina, and (much as I hate him as a person) Curt Schilling.

    1. I won't argue with Clemens. He's a freind of a friend and my father and I watched the '05 Series from his family's suite.

      I should have put a question mark behind the Morris thing because I meant to imply that I've heard that said, not that I necessarily believed it. Me and group of friends sat and discussed this at an Astros game last year. Unwinnable argument. LOL

      Dunno about Moose though. I was looking at his BR page not long ago. I'm on the fence.

  7. That steak review cracked me up!

  8. Not to shabby. I was in the Dollar Tree near where I work and they had bupkis... No cards whatsoever.

    Five Below targets teens and pre-teens, but they have some interesting stuff sometimes. The cards in the store near me seem to migrate about, but they usually have repacks, team sets and low-end packs like Opening Day or Flagship topps.

    1. "Not TOO shabby". Yes, internet, I know the difference between "to" and "too". (Sigh)