Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mars Attacks Occupation Sketch Cards

I've picked up a handful of sketch cards from the Mars Attacks Occupation set. They are as varied as the prices I've been seeing on eBay. Some are put up as B-I-N at under $20. Other are up for bid with starting prices at $200. The limited and unusual production behind these have sellers and buyers thrown for a loop.

I'm not going to add many more unless a cheap (but cool) one falls into my lap. I have a couple of bids out on some with low starting bids. Odds are I won't win them but it's worth a shot. Sometimes eBay bidders surprise me.

For these that I already own I'll link the artists' names to a site with their stuff.

This first one (above) was done by Pablo Diaz. It's my favorites of the ones I have from the secondary market. Not much to add about the individual pieces. I really don't know much about comics and the artists that work on them. I've found that the stuff from couple of the MA artists are pretty highly sought after.

This next one is done by Luke Parker. It's a whole different take on the Martians. Seeing how the different artists approach these is kind of interesting.


Matt Frank did the next one. I have no idea if the Dinosaurs Attack sketches are any scarcer than the Mars Attacks sketches. I also don't know if any of the artists worked on both. I could find out I suppose if I was interested.

Another Dinosaurs Attack sketch. This is from Marck Labas and doing a bit of research answered my previous question. Labas did sketches for both 'sides of the aisle' for this Kickstarter project. His work is kind of scattered online but he has it on his Facebook page. I'm not sure everyone can access that page, I don't know the ins and outs of FB.

These were all relatively inexpensive. My goal is to fill one binder page with these sketch cards. The Topps Kickstarter team was kind enough to make their subsets nine, eighteen and twenty seven cards in number. It all makes for a very tidy binder!